Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yum! Stir Fry

First of all, let me say "I hate my agonizingly slow dial up service"!!!! I love to read all the interesting Garden Blogs, but it takes so long to load some of them with dial up that I end up having to quit and go get some other things done. You can be sure though, that I read as many as I can and comment as often as possible.

But, on to other topics today! Since I got home too late to take any pics out in the yard, I settled on cooking photos today. Last night H went overboard when chopping veggies for the stir fry - I had a *huge* pile which almost didn't fit into the skillet. But, I managed to get them crisply "al dente" despite the overflowing pan.

After removing the veggies from the skillet, I added a bit more oil and reheated the skillet to almost smoking before adding the cut up chicken breasts which H had marinated earlier in the day in a mixture of Soy Sauce, white wine, fish sauce, red pepper flakes (we like it spicy), chopped fresh ginger, chopped garlic and a bit of ground black pepper.

After adding the veggies back into the skillet and stir frying for a bit more, I added the marinade, thickend with a bit of corn starch. It was a bit too thick so I added a little more white wine (hey, it adds even more flavor!) for a lighter sauce. Then, the last items to hit the pan were the chopped cilantro and green onions. Cilantro is one of those herbs that one either loves or hates - there are no ambivalent feelings about it. H and I can't get enough of it in our Asian or Mexican food.

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Zoey said...

Yum, that does look good.
I haven't made a stirfry in quite a while.