Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Hour in the Dooryard

On those pleasant late summer afternoons, Hubby and I love to sit out in the yard and enjoy the cool ocean breeze while sipping a cocktail and munching on snacks. Last night, we were nibbling on in the shell peanuts when the local fauna decided to join us in "bar snacks"!

We had several small chipmunks and a couple of little red squirrels begging for nuts. They would take them out of our hands, but really just liked helping themselves from the bowls.

The squirrels were definitely aggressive toward the chipmunks and it was like watching an old Keystone Cops comedy when they would chase each other off into the woods. In the end, they all got their fair share of peanuts and we had the best time watching them and laughing at their antics! Life is sooooo good in the garden.


Anonymous said...

My kitty is sitting at the computer with me and just twitching to catch those cute guys.

Zoey said...

Oh, what fun!
Those were some very well fed squirrels and chipmunks.