Sunday, September 10, 2006


No matter how you say it, this year's tomatoes are luscious! I tend to ignore my small veggie garden, in favor of the perennials, but this year, the 'maters, beans and cukes were a hit. The zuchinnis were so so and the chard and kale are just now starting to "do something". The size of the garden keeps me from doing things like potatoes, winter squashes, etc, but I really like being able to go out and pick a few fresh things for dinner.
Unfortunately, we are anticipating a possible frost tonight, so I'm hoping for the best.

I spent the whole day working on my new daylilly bed which is located about half way up the driveway. Our drive is 550 feet long and wooded all the way with the exception of a very large piece granite ledge about half way up. A couple of years ago, I cleaned off the ledge (rock) and it made for a very interesting bit of sculpture on the side of the drive. Then I kind of let things go and over the last few years and brambles had pretty much taken over.

Today, I spent most of the day sweating, adding topsoil, compost and cow manure to the planting area and then planting daylillies, an assortment of sedums and, just for a bit of fall color, a couple of chrysanthemums. The first picture is of the area before the brambles were removed. The next one is after. The big stump will be a perfect place for a half whiskey barrel full of colorful annuals next spring.

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