Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tidying Up

Yesterday was a yard clean up day. We've had rain for most of the week and I was unable to get out to mow what little lawn we have so it was beginning to look like a mini hay field.

While waiting for the grass to dry out a bit, I decided to launch in to weeding the front planting beds. Everything has gotten really lush with all the fog and rain, including the trees, which desperately needed limbing up.

Here is the "before" shot

The after shot is a bit difficult to see that I had limbed up the small birch tree and the willow tree. I ran out of black mulch so will have to get more on my next trip in to town.

It's always a day of celebration when the Oriental poppies bloom! The camera just cannot capture the absolute fluorescence of these beauties.

This is Mother Nature in all her glory. The vivid reddish orange and bright purple are just stunning. Sadly, they will only last for a few short days, leaving us anticipating their return next spring.

Not to be outdone, perhaps not in vibrant color, but the heady scent of Miss Kim lilac in full bloom keeps me wandering to the other side of the house just to close my eyes and breathe deeply. She is another of my spring favorites, bringing me fond memories of my Grandmother, whose apartment building in Germany was surrounded by huge lilacs.

The rain and fog of the past week have created ideal conditions for the planting bed by the front porch. The hostas have grown so much that one can no longer see the beautiful Japanese Painted Ferns behind them. Guess it's time to do a bit of dividing!

This spring we seem to have attracted lots of Eastern Phoebes. They can be heard singing in the trees, their song announcing their name to the world: Feebee, feebee.

We have one nesting under our deck. She built her nest on a tool that I use to hack stubborn weeds. I caught this photo just in time as it looks like the nestlings are just about ready to fledge. What a cute family Ms. Phoebe has.

And speaking of cute families, here's a photo of my favorite boys.

Life is Good!



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Veggie Garden

Sometimes, I'm not too bright. It has suddenly occurred to me that I've been blogging about my garden and have totally neglected to feature the veggie part of it.

With the price of food spiraling out of control, much like gas these days, I decided to increase the veggies in the garden. Heretofore, I had only planted a few tomatoes, some zucchini, and green beans in amongst my herbs. This year, I increased the size of the perennial bed and have planted a few new things.

This is the original herb garden behind the house. The lettuce in front has provided us with many nice salads so far.

I put in a couple of jalapeno peppers for H. He dearly loves anything hot. I also planted one green pepper. I have not had much luck with peppers in the past, but I'll try to coddle them a bit more this year.
The yellow squash seems to be taking off. And this marjoram has gotten totally out of hand. I'll be thinning it out this week.

The tomatoes are making good growth and have blossoms on them. I purchased 5 different ones and a friend gave me one of his grape tomato seedlings. I love munching on them while I'm working in the garden.

I dug out rocks for weeks to make this little bed. Filled with lots of composted manure, I hope the cabbage and basil will like it. The pole beans are in the bed next to it.

I expanded the perennial bed in the flower garden and interplanted veggies there, as well. The red cabbage is adding a bit of color. I also have yellow squash and zukes and Red Russian Kale planted.
The kale seedlings need transplanting

Sluggo, of course, is no help at all. He has co opted the top of my recliner as his favorite napping spot.
I know you shouldn't let your herbs bloom, but the bees dearly love this sage

This afternoon, the boys were kept busy watching squirrels and chipmunks coming up on the deck in search of the peanuts I had thrown out for them. The "kitty show" keeps them busy for hours on end.

Life is good,

Hugs, Giddy

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Here's what's blooming in Giddy's garden today

The pink Double Knockout rose is new this year and is doing very well

May Night Salvia is just waiting for the New Dawn Rose to bloom

The red begonia in the hanging basket on the porch really brightens a shady spot

We finally got the four cords of wood stacked in various racks around the door yard

And a couple more next to the garage

The Oriental Poppies are just about to pop

The cobalt blue of the Siberian Iris shouts in the garden

Geranium Sanguineum has reseeded all over!

Clematis "Firecracker" is the star of the garden

Zonal Geranium "Tango" really pops in the fence planter. White verbena and silver artemesia set it off.

Since it's election year, I planned on a red, white and blue palette for the garage planters

I'm on my second wheelbarrow, and as any good gardener knows, we don't throw anything away. This one turned into a nifty planter.

I purchased this Japanese Maple on sale from Home Depot last year. It was a pathetic little thing, and this past winter's snow literally bent it over backwards, but the little fella came back gangbusters and is now a beautiful specimen.

Miss Kim lilac is just beginning her beautiful show and the scent is heavenly!

And speaking of heavenly scents, this is today's loaf of bread.

Life is good,

Hugs, Giddy

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Getting Away from Me

It's amazing how much a garden can grow in just a few days with warm weather and a bit of rain.

We returned after being away for six days to find things blooming and weeds running amok! In addition to needing to get to the garden right away, we also had our annual 4 cords of firewood delivered and it needed to be stacked.

Needless to say, we've been very busy.

Everything is so lush and green after the long, snowy winter

We're going to have to take our time stacking this mountain of firewood. We're not as young as we used to be. In fact, H just celebrated his 61st birthday yesterday. Only one more year til social security sets in!

The clematis "Firecracker" is beginning to bloom. She's a beautiful focal point in the garden.

This little fella was kind enough to sit still for a close up.

Life is good in the gardenSaved

Hugs, Giddy

Friday, June 06, 2008

In Remembrance

Today's post is sad. Ten days ago, our lovely daughter in law passed away unexpectedly.
April Sunshine was a beautiful, sweet and loving human being who left this world far too early. She loved animals, nature, gardening and flowers. She touched our lives in a very special way and will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

Peace be with you, dear April. You will always remain in our hearts.

Life is still good. Just a little sad today.

Hugs, Giddy