Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I love birdhouses, particularly rustic ones.

I have several, but have yet to see any birds make their nest in one.

Last year, in late winter, I decided to clean out the blue bird house. Much to my chagrin, when I opened the bottom, the old nest and 4 pink baby red squirrels fell to the ground! By this time Mother Squirrel was shrieking at me as I was desperately trying to stuff the babies back into the nest. As soon as I had gotten them back into the nest, Mom came along and one by one took them out to an undisclosed new location. I have since learned my lesson and leave my birdhouses to nature and whoever would like to occupy them.


Anonymous said...

Oh my . . . baby squirrels! We never know what wonderful surprises we'll find in our gardens.

Anonymous said...
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Zoey said...

Love that orange color!

I didn't realize that squirrels have their babies in the winter.

I am pretty sure they have been using my birdhouses, too. But that's OK. If they are trying to raise babies in the of winter, then I guess they need the shelter.