Thursday, September 21, 2006

Seed Savers

One of the things I like to do is save seeds and occasionally give them as gifts. I'm always looking for a clever way to package them and yesterday, I spent the day looking for seed packets on line. I found a great site for free downloads with some really cute packets which can be personalized.

Here's the link!

Since yesterday was a gloomy, rainy day and I had the day off, I spent the better part of it creating different seed packets for the seeds I have collected. So far, I've made packets for Cosmos, Gloriosa Daisies, Hollyhocks and Dwarf Marigolds. Hmmmm, I see some Christmas Gift ideas popping up here!


jemkagily (in NJ) said...

Would you like to do any seed swapping? I have some fun climbers that I plan to save seed from soon here in my zone 6 garden: hyacinth bean, scarlet runner bean, purple pole beans (edible) Trionfo Violetto, cardinal climber for the hummingbirds if I can get some to set seed, and a beautiful old-fashioned morning glory. Let me know and I'll give you my mailing address, I'd love some cosmos!
I've been enjoying your garden blog for some time now but am ashamed to say that I've been in too big a hurry to comment...I'll try to do better!

Giddy said...

I would love to exchange some seeds! Even though we are in Zone 5, I still grow a few tropicals, etc and just bring them in. I have Grandpa Ott Morning Glories growing, but I'd love to try something else. My email addy is I too, love reading other blogs, but as I pointed out this a.m., I am on dial up and it's soooooo slow.

Zoey said...

I do those seed packets, too. I posted about them last year. I put pictures of my own flowers on the front so the receiver will know exactly what the plant should look like.
I had lots of fun making them.
What a neat idea to use for Christmas gifts...I see a garden-themed stocking with seed packets coming out the top....

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so glad you posted this link for us. I have always wanted to do myown seed packs and now I have help to do it.
Thanks a million!

Sandy said...

Great idea! I am going to check this address out.