Monday, September 18, 2006

Nature Study

Today H and I went for one of our 2-3 mile walks along the Schoodic Peninsula. Although the actual date for the autumnal equinox is not til this Thursday, definite signs of the change of seasons were abundant. There was a slight haze in the atmosphere and the smell of the salty sea air hung heavy in the last bit of the morning fog.

The red berries of the mountain ash stood out starkly against the bark of the white birch.

As I reported earlier, the spruce trees are absolutely loaded with cones making them look top heavy. Long before The Farmer's Almanac predicted a long, wet winter, I was saying the same thing - all the indications point in that direction; lots of cones, early blooming of plants, blueberry harvest was 2 weeks early, golden finches have long since headed south. Yep, my bet is on a long winter's sleep!

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