Sunday, September 10, 2006

Daylilly Bed

Here is the finished daylilly bed that I worked my butt off on! Doesn't look like much now, but come spring, it will take off. There are 10 40# bags of topsoil and 2 40# bags of composted cow manure. That's 480 lbs of dirt and you know what (cow poop) that I schlepped from Home Depot to the truck, off the truck and spread around the bed. You do the math! Did I get any weight bearing exercise today? Well, you bet your britches I did! My doctor will be so proud.

After all this hard, sweaty work, I decided I needed some real fun and armed with my trusty pot paints and brushes, like Gepetto, I created an alter ego! Please meet my whimsical gardening gnome friend, "Stumpy"!


Zoey said...

Wow, Giddy, it looks like you did work your butt off. Did you divide daylilies from your other gardens?

Your stump man is cute. Maybe he will keep the deer away. I imagine, like me, you have deer problems being out in the country.

Your tomatoes sure do look good! Do you can them?

That's a LOT of LOBSTER down below! YUM! I love lobster, though I've never seen it in such quantity. Are you VFW members?
DH and I are inactive members. . . no time to participate in much right now.

Giddy said...

Yes, the daylillies were in desperate need of dividing, and what a chore that turned out to be! I still have to divide a few more, but I just ran out of steam yesterday. As for deer, yes, we have them, but so far, they have left the garden alone. I don't know if they like daylillies.

We eat most of the tomatoes and the ones left are cooked down to tomato paste, which I freeze.

Hubby and I are active in the Franklin, Maine Veteran's Club - mostly helping with cooking for the club's activities.

Zoey said...

My deer like daylillies. I found that out this year when I sprayed the regular lilies with Hinder so the deer would not eat them. I didn't spray the daylilies and they ate quite a few of those instead.
Count your blessings that they have not yet found your garden. They will. They eat just about anything!