Sunday, September 17, 2006


We have a new pet! While sitting out in our door yard every evening, we have been snacking on peanuts and have thus invited all the critters to join us. The only "regular" has been a little chipmunk we have named "Herman" (a family name). Every day, he waits for us to sit down in the adirondack chairs, and as soon as we look comfortable, he hops over to see what the "bar snacks" are for the evening.

Of course, we anticipate his joining us, so in the shell peanuts are always on the menu for his dining (hoarding) pleasure.

Here is little Herman, who has gotten comfortable enough with us to sit on my lap while stuffing his chipmunk cheeks with peanuts.
It takes him about 15 minutes to empty the container of peanuts, three at a time, and he hops away with cheeksfull to hide them heaven knows where. I have nightmares of peanuts sprouting in our yard next year!


Zoey said...

Well, how cute is that?

I'll trade you - my skunk for your Herman.

That's a beautiful sunset below.

In the winter I like to read all the foodie blogs, so can't wait for cooking photos.

Anonymous said...

So . . . Herman has a hording problem. Let's see if Dr. Phil can help him.

too CUTE!