Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Painted Pots

What does Giddy do with her spare time? Well, what little she has of it during the growing season, she spends painting terra cotta pots when it's too rainy to work outside.

When we built the garage this year, one of the priorities was a work bench for Hubby and a potting bench for me. So far, I have spent more time painting pots than potting but, to everything there is a season and time enough for potting will come. In the meantime, pots is what I do. The pots shown are works in progress. The blue ones will probably have a blueberry theme, but I haven't decided on the ocre ones.


Zoey said...

Those are just beautiful, Giddy. I bet it's wonderful to have your own workspace now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your art work is eye-poppin' wonderful.
Very pretty.

You asked about my zone and I think if is 5 or more like 17.

Pacific Northwest.

Giddy said...

Thanks for your nice comments, and yes, it is very nice to have space to spread out and make a mess, if need be. I think it will get a wee bit chilly in the winter, but we have plans for a kerosene heater!

Sandy said...

Your pots are beautiful. Do you use them outdoors?

Giddy said...

I paint them with "Patio Paints" an indoor/outdoor acrylic and then seal them with an outdoor polyurethane. I have several which I keep outside, but mostly they just get given away as gifts. I only just started this hobby, so I really don't have that many.