Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a Difference a Year Makes!

In 2003, my son and DIL brought me a snippet off their Jade plant. I first planted it into a 4" pot where it languished for a full year with no appreciable growth. The next year, I repotted it, added a bit of variegated ivy and placed it outside. This picture was taken in February 2005:

After spending the summer of 2006 outside on the deck again, it just took off! This is the picture of the same plant taken today. I think she likes her summer sojourns on the deck!

We have been experiencing high winds and rain since early yesterday afternoon. At 6:45 last night, the power failed and gratefully, we have a generator, so we are not completely in the dark and I'm able to get my "Blog Fix" today. I'm hoping the power comes on again soon as the generator really eats up the propane! Hope everyone is enjoying a warm, cozy Sunday.

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Zoey said...

Wow, it sure did take off. I always thought jades were very slow growing. It must have the conditions on your deck this year.