Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Garden Claw

Here are a few pics for Zoey, who asked what a garden claw was. I love my claw! It's really great for loosening soil, adding amendments and getting into tight spots to do some weeding. I use it often to dig into the compost to add a bit of air so it will "cook". I purchased mine at Home Depot last year. I also put my shredded papers into the pile. I'd like to see the identity thieves find anything personal in there!!! "-)

My compost is also in the shade, but I got some pretty good stuff out of it last year. I also read somewhere that if you want to give it a bit of "oomph", you could pour a stale beer over it or sprinkle a cup full of sugar on it. I don't recall H ever letting a beer get stale!

The name brand of this one is Garden Hound.


Zoey said...

You are so kind to take the time to post this for me. Thank you so much!
It does look like it could be helpful.
Did yours break down in one year's time?

Giddy said...

The pile will break down pretty quickly provided it is turned fairly often. Mine took about 18 months since I was not very diligent in turning it. I find doing a twisting motion with the claw is much easier than trying to lift and turn with a garden fork

Sissy said...

Found your blog and have had fun-your pics are nice!!
I love my garden claw!!