Thursday, October 05, 2006


Zoey of Perennial Passion has been prompting me to get out my Lone Star quilt top and get to quilting. Well, today I looked high and low for it and for the life of me cannot find where I may have stashed it when we moved up here 4 years ago! I did, however, find my very first quilt - a simple block thingie. I made it from scraps I had left over from various sewing projects so there's really no rhyme or reason to the color scheme.

This morning, the sun came shining up over the house and illuminated the birch tree with the most beautiful light. The golden color of the leaves with the early morning light on them was so pretty. Unfortunately, as usual, the photos just don't do nature's beauty justice.

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Zoey said...

Love your monkey wrench quilt, Giddy. At least that is the name I know it as. The second quilt I ever made was in that pattern. Unfortunately I no longer have it. I must have tossed it out at some point.
I doubt that you will need it to cuddle up with this winter. After seeing all that wood, it looks like you have plenty to keep you warm!
One of these days your lone star will turn up. Then you will say, "Oh, yeah, I remember putting it there."

Been there, done that. LOL