Friday, October 20, 2006

Well, Pooh!

We just found out yesterday at work that we will be having the State in for an inspection on Oct 31st, therefore, we are not to dress up for Halloween! Shucks, I was gonna be a Labrador Retriever this year. Black sweats, purple dog collar and leash (kept when our dear Lab, Boudreaux passed away), and put my now, much longer hair into long, floppy "ears". Oh well, maybe next year.
Thanks to all of you who have been posting comments on this blog. I promise you that I am reading lots of yours, as well, but with my horribly slow dial up, I just can't get around to commenting on all of them, as much as I would love to.

Since I don't have a good topic about which to blog today and I wasn't able to get out to snap a pic of the whiskey barrels at the top of the drive in which the flowers are still blooming madly at this late date, I am posting another one of my favorite autumn sunsets over the bay! Giddy bids you all a wonderful day. Life is Good!


Zoey said...

A glass of white wine and that doesn't get much more romantic than that, does it?

Sorry to hear about he state inspection. I bet you would have been a cute lab.

Giddy said...

Ah well, that's just one of hundreds of pics I have taken of sunsets. The winter and autumn ones are always so spectacular. There's more where that came from!