Thursday, October 05, 2006


A large, cold Canadian high pressure system is on it's way! We are anticipating our first frost of the season tomorrow night, but we have been having what we call "fun fires" in the woodstove in the evenings, just to take the chill off the air. I think this weekend will find us stoking the stove in earnest. Fear not, however, as we are prepared! This is a photo of just one of our wood stacks. We have a couple more in the door yard and four more on the side and in back of the garage. I think we'll stay warm.

I did get out and take a quick picture of the nasturtiums on the rock garden. They're finally coming into their glory, just in time for the frost!

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Sandy said...

That is the neatest wood pile I have ever seen! I know that lots of Mainers pride themselves on woodpile stacking, but don't you just hate to mess it up, but using the wood?