Sunday, October 22, 2006


No, I don't mean Orson Welles' sled in Citizen Kane, but remember the New Dawn bud I found a couple of days ago and wondered if she would make it to full bloom before a freeze got her? Well, here she is in her full glory! Now bear in mind, that today is Oct 22nd and we are 80 miles south of the Canadian border!

I have two planted whiskey barrels at the top of our driveway which are also still blooming madly. I haven't had the heart to pull out the plants and prepare them for the coming winter. They still look so lush!

After the freeze, I'll pull them out and put in pine and spruce boughs with some winterberry or bittersweet, if I can find it.

We headed out to Acadia this morning and had a wonderful 6 miler down Jordan Stream and around Long Pond - one of our favorite hikes. The weather was beautiful and we are now both dead on our feet, but happy, happy, happy. Most of the maples have lost their leaves, but the oaks and beeches were in full red and golden glory.

We began our walk around Jordan Pond in Acadia on our way to Jordan Stream. This is a picture at the outlet of the Pond into the stream with a view of "The Bubbles" in the background.


Zoey said...

What a little beauty she is!

Those whiskey barrels are still looking great. I would not pull them out either.

You have beautiful scenery for your walks.

Anonymous said...

I love your photographs.
Those barrels are great.
I have one with bamboo contained in it.