Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Costume Dilemma

Halloween is fast approaching and the girls at the clinic always plan a big party lunch and we are expected to come to work in some sort of costume. Unfortunately, my fall colored scrubs don't qualify as a "costume"!
Last year, being originally from Kentucky, I came dressed as a little redneck girl - you can't see them in the photo, but I had brown freckles all over my face.

My contribution to the lunch party was a jack o lantern dip with crudites and chocolate "creepy crawlers", which were quite tasty as well as being high fiber as they were made with Fiber One cereal.

The fangs are slivered almonds and the eyes are M&M's


jemkagily said...

You are too cute with your Halloween food! That's the sort of thing I love to do, too. I've volunteered to bring in cupcakes for my daughter Fiona's kindergarten class and I think I'm going to frost them chocolate and then decorate with little dancing skeletons made of white Good N Plenty's and white icing. Last year we made "Yummy Mummies": English muffin pizzas with stuffed olive-slice eyes and strips of string cheese for "bandages." Fun!

Zoey said...

Giddy, you look so cute!
It sounds like a fun day at work. What are you going to be this year?

One year I was a witch at work and one year a clown. It was fun (especially the witch). I have been trying to find pictures of those to put on my blog. So far no luck. You've inspired me to keep looking.

Zoey said...

Oh, silly me.

I guess you called the post "Costume Dilemma" because you are trying to figure out what to be.

Kerri said...

What a cute little redneck you are :)
Those treats look delicious. You're very creative.
I'm sorry about those Asian beetles being a nuisance, and the woodland critters ruining your pumpkin. Pesky creatures!