Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

In every garden, there are things that are beautiful. Today, as I was cleaning up a few things in anticipation of the garden's long sleep, I found this bud on my New Dawn Rose. I had just planted it this spring, and while I did get a few blossoms, I didn't expect much out of it the first year. How sweet to find yet another bud this late in the season. I wonder if it still has time to come into full flower?

One thing in my garden I try to hide is the inevitable compost heap. This one is usually concealed behind a stand of birch trees, brambles and other weeds growing just on the other side of the parking apron in the door yard. Now that the leaves are falling, it has become a bit more visible. Oh well, it will soon be covered with snow and no one will know it's there!

This is "Spike". He is perched on the fence right in front of the gate and when you walk past him, he screams at you and his eyes light up and blink. I bought him last year as a Halloween joke, but H has come to love him and the way he always greets us upon our return home. He does, however, give any visiting neighbors quite a fright!


jemkagily said...

I love your guardian, Spike! Where did you get him? We have one of those tree-man faces. His name is Charles because he reminds me of 2 of my favorite author/ilustrators, Charles Vess and Charles de Lint.

Giddy said...

We get the LTD Commodities Catalog at work and he was in there last year - a steal at only $6.50!

Kerri said...

My Sea Pearl rose has another blossom too but I doubt if it'll make it make it into full flower. You never know!
Our compost heap looks a lot like yours, only longer.
I'd love to hear Spike scream :) He was a bargain!