Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Space

I've been off the blog for a few days because we have been redesigning our space! For the past three years I have been telling H that we really don't need 3 bedrooms! (We seldom have visitors up here) and that we need a nice office space other than our unheated cubbyhole downstairs. Well, he's finally seen the wisdom in my words and we now have a new office in the smallest bedroom! I am ecstatic! I can enjoy the warmth of the wood stove and converse with H while on the internet.
Yep! That's one of H's paintings in the background!


Zoey said...

Giddy, that looks great.
You will sure get more use out of the room now!
Men, why don't they just listen the first time? LOL

Love DH's painting. I have a sailboat oil painting above my computer desk, too.

Kerri said...

Your hubby is talented in more ways than one! Lovely painting.
That's a nice office space you've created. Enjoy!