Sunday, October 08, 2006

4th Annual Trek

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a tradition for H and me - an annual trek up Day Mountain in Acadia National Park. We started out early since it was Saturday and the tourists were sure to be out in full force.
The autumn colors were spectacular, but just a wee bit short of peak in our neck of the woods. The trek is a fairly easy 6-7 mile one, but quite a bit uphill so we got plenty of exercise.

H packed us a lovely picnic lunch which we enjoyed after reaching the summit. Fried chicken, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and just a little bit of wine! The view of the Cranberry Islands was spectacular although the haze kept the leaf colors from really popping.


Zoey said...

What beautiful scenery.

A trek uphill for 6 or 7 miles does not sound all that easy to me!I hope H carried all the food. :)

Kerri said...

That sounds wonderful and what a lovely feast your hubby packed! I've been to Acadia twice with girl friends and loved it. My hubby badly wants to see it.
The first year I was there just after Hurrican Andrew and there was fog everywhere. We didn't even bother to drive up Cadillac Mt. because you couldn't see the views. It was so we went back the next year and saw all the magnificent scenery.
Do you live far from the park?

Giddy said...

Zoey, I won't kid you and say we weren't a wee bit (read a lot) sore the next day!

Kerri, we live about 35 miles by road from the park, but it's about 8 miles as the crow flies across the bay. However,we have not attempted to kayak across the bay!!!