Monday, October 09, 2006

Asian Beetles

Both yesterday and today find the Asian Beetles swarming around the house and garage looking for any place they can hibernate. I've spent the whole time sweeping them back outdoors only to find more where they came from. I don't dare squish any of them as they leave a foul odor when crushed. Ah well, I shall continue with my broom duties and hopefully get most of them although I can't get the ones snuggled up in the corner of the 16 foot ceiling in the living room!

This morning, while taking my daily dash up the drive, I noticed that the woodland critters had discovered my autumn vingnette in the new daylilly bed and had feasted on the pumpkin! So much for my creativity.

Still being in a creative mood, however, I spent a bit of time in the kitchen this morning trying out a new recipe I found on the web for Apple Butter Pumpkin Streusel Pie. YUM!!! It sounds luscious and like a great thing to do with the apple butter I had left over after canning a dozen jars. I'll give a critique on tomorrow's blog. The pies in the photo are being showcased among three of my favorite kitchen things: a wicker tray from our years spent on the Azorean island of Terceira, a Bavarian lamp given to me by my sweet aunt, Paula, who is no longer with us but thought of fondly every day while spending time in my kitchen (one of my favorite things, besides gardening), and the owl cookie jar which my mother made in her ceramic crafting days. All three of these articles are what make my kitchen a warm and inviting place, full of memories. I love spending time here. Of course, the aromas emanating from the oven don't hurt either!

I sit here the computer blogging and as I look out my office window, I have to wonder what kind of fool is it that sits inside when Mother Nature, in all her glory is putting on a spectatular show. This fool is off to enjoy the afternoon sunshine and glorious leaf color. The best things in life are free and life is good!


Zoey said...

Giddy, those pies look delicious. I am sorry they were not a good as you expected.

Kerri said...

Oh those Autumn colors are spectacular! Another fantastic picture of your wonderful view.
The pies look delicious. Sorry they didn't work out quite as well as you anticipated.
I wonder if you could thicken the filling with a little cornstarch?
What a pretty plate.
My hubby likes to split wood too, but not as much now as when his lungs weren't so bad. He runs out of breath too fast. (He has farmer's lung).