Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Giddy's Most Excellent Adventure

Today finds Giddy sightseeing. During a brief stop in Louisville to see some of the sights after having not been here for a while, we walked around the river front in Louisville and found the Belle of Louisville readying herself for the annual race for the Golden Antlers. We're hoping she'll win again this year! The city is once again gearing up for the Run for the Roses - The Kentucky Derby. Fever pitch has not yet set in, however, we remember the excitement in the city during the days leading up to the 2 minute horse race.

After a wee rest from the long trip from Maine, Giddy drove another hour south to see Mom and Dad. Giddy was astounded at the warm weather and greenery surrounding her! The redbuds and dogwoods are in bloom and it's green every where you look. Unfortunately, we also experienced another southern bit of charm - a really nasty spring cold front and severe thunderstorms.

However, the next day dawned relatively bright and clear and we enjoyed a lovely visit with the parental units. Giddy found herself drawn to Mom's lovely gardens and was photographed frequently, consorting with various other garden residents.
Giddy and St. Francis discussed various issues relating to flora and fauna.

Giddy found a nice high spot in the garden from which to survey the plants poking their heads out to greet the spring sunshine!

After conferring with Froggie, Giddy was pooped and decided to call it a day.

Stay tuned for further adventures of Giddy Goes South!


Zoey said...

It does sound like Giddy is having a great time. Everything looks so GREEN in Kentucky. Looking forward to more adventures!

Sissy said...

I was thrilled to read your blog! I love the little gnome!
We used to go to the river to watch the paddles race, every year. We also loved Thunder Over Louisville and the kids loved getting a day off for the Oaks!!
Do you mind if I put you on my blog??!!
Sissy (belle wannabe, but yankee at heart!!)