Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Grands are Grand!

Ashton and Kaiya love watching Noggin, but I think they really liked helping Grandma Giddy in the kitchen!

We've been having the best time with the grandkids! Yesterday was once again a bit too cold and windy to get out and plant our mini garden, but Ashton and Kaiya helped me prep for supper. Ashton pared the cucumbers, I sliced them and Kaiya counted the slices as she put them into the bowl so we could make cucumber salad. We also cut up a big bowl of mixed, fresh veggies to go with our grilled pork tenderloin for a yummy supper later on.

Grammie got a big hug from Ashton after helping with dinner prep. He was a real trooper. The poster on the fridge is advertising Brian's band's gig on April 13th.

Of course, we couldn't help but tell a few tales about his Daddy. Ashton was very surprised to learn that Grandma was Daddy's mother! Daddy Brian is an up and coming musician in Nashville. His band is Cowboy Fabulous and you can catch a few tunes at their website


LostRoses said...

Your grandchildren are grand! Such cute pictures, and a nice hug for grandma. Isn't it fun when they try to figure out relationships? It's such a surprise for them!

Zoey said...

The grands are just as darling as ever! Did you do the Easter thing too--color eggs, etc?

Giddy said...

The eggs were the plastic ones with chocolate eggs inside. Much tidier!

Ashton told me he wanted a hummingbird feeder, so I told him to tell his Daddy that his mother (me) said he'd better get one soon! We went out that afternoon and purchased one. Sure hope it attracts some soon or he'll be disappointed!

Kerri said...

Sounds like Grandma Giddy is having a wonderful time with those cute grands :) Little Ashton is developing a love for nature it seems. You're a good grammy teaching them to play in the soil. Hope their seeds grow! Surely the weather is warmer over there than it is here!!