Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Sunrise

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise the other day. The seas were calm and looked like glass. Too bad the water is still a bit cool for kayaking!

The reflection of the island on the cove was truly breathtaking.

Today's project is to get the rest of the deck set up. So far, I have the fountain and the pond operating again. I'm hoping the pond will attract frogs again this year as it was great fun to watch them hiding among the rocks, not to mention they ate their fair share of slugs!!
This was last year's photo of the pond area. Even though you can't see the pond itself, it's tucked in behind the daylillies.


Zoey said...

Beautiful pond area.

I bet it was fun to haul all those big (i.e. HEAVY) rocks in!

LostRoses said...

I love your fountain! The weather was so nice today I decided to get mine plugged in so I could hear the splash of water again. But I can't find the pump! I know I put it somewhere last fall so I'd know where it was in the spring. If only I hadn't done that! My only hope is to happen upon it, sooner rather than later!

Sissy said...

I know you are ready for the pond to open!
I hope you are getting some of the weather we have had!