Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Adventure Continues!

It simply wouldn't be a visit to Louisville without H visiting with his "Wort Hog" friends! They are some of the original members of the Wort Hog Club at the Bluegrass Brewing Company. Brew Master Dave Pierce has won many national awards for his finely crafted beers and the Hogs have been enjoying them for many years. H had a great reunion with them at the Tap Room in Louisville.

After arriving in Nashville, we were delighted to see our cute grandkids again. Little Kaiya seemed to love the sweater Grandma Giddy knitted for her. Unfortunately, it will require a bit of alteration since she couldn't get the neck over her head!

Ashton wanted to get outside right away to dig in the dirt and plant our garden, however, the weather was not cooperating. After a long stretch of warm weather, the wind and cold had returned and being outside was not pleasant. Instead, he amused himself by hiding in the tote we brought all the presents in. Typical kid, they like the box better than the present!

Hopefully, tomorrow will find us with a bit of sunshine so we can get the bean teepee started. We also brought the kids sunflower seeds and Ashton has promised that he will call and keep Grandma Giddy informed as to the progress of his plants. We shall see!

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