Monday, April 30, 2007

Rainy Days and Sundays

never get me down!

If I can't work outside, I find some project that's been on my list and make the most of having to stay inside. Yesterday, H and I got a major project erased from the "Honey Do List".

Ever since we converted the smallest bedroom (the one with the best view) into our upstairs office, I have wanted to add shelves to the closet. It made no sense to have a closet that just had one shelf and space to hang clothes (we live in northern Maine - we don't need a lot of clothes; several pair of jeans and a few flannel shirts work just fine). So, off to Home Depot it was to purchase a few closet shelves. A couple of hours and a bit of sweating later, we had our office closet! And, H didn't even have to use any of his "project vernacular". Not one word bomb passed his lips! "-)

Now, if the weather would just get warm enough to get the plants outside for their annual summer vacation, I could get the rest of the office cleaned up.

Oh well, since today is another rainy day, I guess I'll tackle the closet in our bedroom. Time to get all those winter clothes packed away til October.

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