Monday, April 30, 2007

Giddy Cleans Up

My last post was done this morning. This one is an update, later in the day.

After spending a few hours in the office doing the usual monthly bill paying and scheduling, I felt the need to reach into the job jar again and get another major project underway.

As I indicated this morning, the semiannual cleaning of the clothes closet and putting away of the majority of the winter clothes was high on my list of things to do.

Unfortunately, this was not a "Honey Do" chore as most men, my H included haven't a clue when it comes to properly storing clothing for the summer or winter. This would have necessitated having learned how to stack things in kindergarten which, as we all know, men were not paying attention at that age (or this age, for that matter, but that's another post).

At any rate, after leaving the office in a nice, neat condition, I opened the bedroom closet door, only to be visually assaulted by the disorder!

In the midst of attempting to create order out of chaos, in the back of the closet, I found a pair of slippers my mother had sent some time ago and slipped them on for comfort. Tres chic! You may rest assured that no animals were harmed in the making of these faux cheetah footwear.

OK, all silliness aside, I worked for several hours sorting clothes in several piles, for the laundry or to be donated or to be packed away in several locations, which shall remain secret lest anyone even think of coming and making off with my treasured snow pants or these terribly fashionable monogrammed slippers.

After all was said and done, I was quite pleased with the success of my hard work.

Even H was amazed at the difference a few hours made. Of course, he still has yet to realize how many of his favorite shirts were tossed into the rag bag!


Sandy said...

Very neat and tidy! I put away my winter clothes on Friday, but just turned the heat on a few minutes ago. I could use one of those flannel shirts about now.

The sky is suddenly beautiful, after a wet rainy day. Our grass looks like it needs cut. Hard to blieve only 8 days ago it was covered with snow.

Sissy said...

Hey, Giddy! If you aren't busy tomorrow, you wanna come over?!!!
I could show you my closet and you could work your magic!

Zoey said...

Isn't it a good feeling to open that closet door now?

Unfortunately I am still wearing my winter clothes! My closet is always overstuffed. I try to clean it out at least three times a year, but I never really make much progress.

Cute slippers!