Friday, March 30, 2007

A Quick Update

Life is coming at me fast these days, so I only have time for a quick update to the blog. With the warmer, sunshiny days, the garden is beginning to awaken from it's long winter's nap. While taking a quick tour before work yesterday, I noticed lots of activity. The aruncus (Goat's Beard) is popping through, as are several daylillies, crocus, hyacinths and nepeta (Catmint).

I will be busy with grandmotherly duties for the next few days, so I'll not have time to get out and enjoy the spring awakening of the garden, however, I'll be enjoying the little ones immensely, I'm sure. I'm hoping to get the grandkids interested in gardening by helping them plant a bean teepee. We shall see.

Ashton, who is 4 will probably be a very willing participant, however, I think I'll be doing more chasing after Kaiya, who is only 2.

No matter what, we are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Laura said...

Oh, what cuties! I'm sure you'll have a grand time, no matter what you decide to do.

KGMom said...

Oh, hurrah--you love gardening. I followed a link at Natural Notes 3 to your blog place. I will be back as the weather warms and you garden (and write) more.
I went back through some of your earlier blogs. I love that stunning photo of the sunset.

Anonymous said...

These children are
b e a u t i f u l !

Zoey said...

Hi Giddy,
Hope you are having a lot of fun with the grands.