Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday with the Grands was Fun!

Yesterday was one very fun day. We started the day with an Easter Egg Hunt with the kids, planted a mini garden with them and Brian and Amy served up a wonderful dinner of pulled pork, smoked spareribs, beans, coleslaw, and ambrosia salad. Unfortunately, our fun had to come to an end as we had to head back home on Monday.Ashton found lots of eggs!

Grandma Giddy helped plant pole beans on the deck supports and sunflowers on the side of the house.Ashton and Kaiya were great help with the digging!The highlight of the day was definitely finding the worms!


Zoey said...

What a fun day. I miss having kids around for the holidays--they make the day so much more enjoyable!

We had spareribs for Easter dinner, too.

LostRoses said...

I hope you came home to green grass rather than snow. But if it's snow at least you have some fun memories of your granchildren to keep you warm!

LauraO said...

Looks like a fun time for everyone! I think our easter eggs were frozen....

Sandy said...

Hey Giddy,
Don't rush home to garden! More snow tomorrow. You were right about spring snow in Maine, for sure.

Glad you had a nice vacation with your family. Wasn't it hard to leave the warm south?

Sonja said...

Ich wünsche alles gute und grüße aus Stuttgart/Germany