Thursday, May 03, 2007

Awaiting Mabel

Mabel is our resident hummingbird and according to my past years' journals, she arrives like clockwork sometime during the first week of May. So, in anticipation of her much joyous return to Acadia Cove Farm, I hung out the feeder on May first. Since I can see the feeder from my chair in the living room, I've been keeping an eagle eye on it. So far, nothing to report.

H and I spent the morning in the garage working on various projects. When we moved in to our Maine home, the first meal we enjoyed was steamed clams which we had purchased from one of the clammers digging in the cove. H went down with a plastic bag and for $5 got a huge bag full of freshly dug clams. You don't get them any fresher than that! At any rate, for some reason, I kept the clam shells.

This week, I was looking at the small wicker star baskets hanging on our bathroom wall as decoration and decided they really needed some perking up. So, with a can of silver metallic spray paint and some gold craft paint for the clam shells, I spruced them up. They look so much better hanging in the bathroom!

Since I had lots more clam shells left over from this project, I looked around to see what else I could do with them. I had some sea heather from last season and an old grapevine wreath, so in a few minutes I had a new wreath to adorn the front door.

H was in the garage along with me, working on building a couple of planters for the front of the garage.

His project will take considerably more time than mine, so I'll have to post the finished photos at a later date.


Sandy said...

You answered a question for me. I was not sure if the hummingbirds were around yet, so have been wondering when to put the feeders. Guess I had better get on it.

Your basket and wreath came out well. No, you couldn't clams much fresher than that. Do you folks from away eat clams when they visit?

Sissy said...

oh boy!! I wish you would come and work in my house, Giddy!
(Hapy Oaks Day, Friday!!)
Who's your pick for the Derby???

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for hummers too.

Zoey said...

Wow, those clam shells look great!

Isn't it amazing how much better things can look with a minimum of sprucing up? Sometimes we just need a little change.

Kerri said...

I must get our feeder out. The little beauties will be here very soon! How lovely it'll be to see them again after 8 months!
I love your crafty sprucing up! What a nice keepsake the clam shells are.
Isn't it wonderful to finally have some sunshine? I have big plans for today!
Your hubby's project looks interesting. Will look forward to the finished project.

Anonymous said...

by the way,
Today is World Naked Gardening Day!
Take a photo of yourself!