Monday, February 05, 2007

'Tis a Cold and Breezy Day

A good day to stay home, near the wood stove, curl up with a good book and read or knit, or both! Temps are in the single digits and may not budge for quite some time.

The view to Mt. Desert Island is icy and crisp in the dry, arctic air today. We only get a good view of Cadillac Mountain in the winter, when the leaves are gone from the maple trees. This morning was a good view.
I put a turkey in the oven this morning for our early afternoon dinner. They were on sale at Thanksgiving, so I purchased two and put one in the freezer. Being the frugal person that I am, I bought the $.59 per pound one instead of the $.99 per pound. I was wondering what the difference was and when I thawed this baby out, I noticed she had one wing tip missing. I guess since it was not "perfect", it got relegated to the less expensive pile. Well, honestly, who is going to miss a wing tip? We don't even eat them, as they get thrown into the stock pot. On the positive side, she had two necks in the cavity and Leroy and the Boys (the crows) are feasting today, as well!
H has decided to take over the kitchen island as his painting studio today. I wonder what masterpiece he's working on? Stay tuned!


sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

2 necks and no wing tip~ ouch!
I love turkey just for the heck of it, no need for all the holiday fanfare. I can't leave off the cranberries though!
Stay warm~

LauraO said...

Isn't it funny - I never cook a turkey unless it's Thanksgiving, and yet a roasted turkey is sooooo good, with lots of leftovers. You've inspired me to check for a rejected-damaged wing-tip turkey next time I go food shopping!

Kerri said...

I have a turkey in the freezer too. Must get it out! You got a good deal and it looks yummy.
I hope we get to see what your husband was painting.
How lucky to have a view of Cadillac Mountain.
The first year I was there it was shrouded in fog from Hurricane Andrew, so we went back the next year to see all the things the fog had hidden.
That's a nice sock you've knitted for H. You've made good use of your Aunt's yarn.

Anonymous said...

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