Tuesday, February 20, 2007

H's Masterpieces

I have to thank Kerri for reminding me that I would show some of the art H has been working on. We last left him standing at the kitchen island painting on some canvas cards he purchased while waiting for one of my knitting classes to end. While wandering around the store, he found a package of 6, 6x8 blank greeting cards with envelopes for $6.95 and thought they would make nice gifts for the kids, parents, friends, etc. He's been working diligently and last week purchased another set.

Here is a sampling of what he's doing:

These are all sea scapes in acrylic, but he has done many fine oils as well. This is one he painted from a picture he saw in a Louisville symphony program:


Sandy said...

He is good! You are both talented people.

Kerri said...

Thank you for remembering Giddy. H is very talented! What a great idea to paint greeting cards. I'm sure the recipients will be very pleased.
I really love that oil. It's gorgeous.
My hubby has been doing some woodworking. His latest project is small wooden cars and trucks for our 2 grandsons.