Thursday, February 15, 2007

Those Crazy Scandinavians!

We have a jetted tub. When we do a lot of physical work like yesterday and today, shoveling and plowing, we really like to give our aching, elderly muscles a treat and soak in a hot whirlpool for a few minutes. Of course, when we get out, we need to cool off. I slip outside and let the cold air do it's job. Unfortunately, unlike the Finns, we don't have any Birch branches with which to beat ourselves. I also don't roll in snowbanks! "-)Temperature was around 5 degrees here!

Gratefully, when I cooled off, I had a nice, warm turkey minestrone soup which had been simmering on the wood stove all day.

Life is really, really good!


sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

You are nuts! :{)

Zoey said...

OMG! I am shivering just thinking of being out there in 5 degree weather! I have a sister, though, who also loves to do that during the winter.

Kerri said...

Still crazy, after all these years! :)