Friday, February 16, 2007

The Icy Siege Continues

Today is day three of the bitter, arctic outbreak. The wind continues to howl, the door yard is a veritable skating rink and even the poor birds hang on to the feeders for dear life. We venture out in brief bursts only to do the necessary sanding of the driveway or run to the post office to check mail, which of course, only consists of a deluge of "offers" from CitiBank!

This is looking down at the house from about 1/4 of the way up the driveway. The picture below shows the top of the drive. This time of year, we refer to the driveway as "The Luge"

The cove is frozen solid and the ice cap is beginning to extend into the bay - thoughts of kayaking are far from our minds right now as we huddle around the wood stove, keeping warm.


sandi @ the whistlestop caf said...

I am amazed. It is beautiful! Is this before you started shoveling?
Stay warm!

Sandy said...

How long is that driveway, Giddy? I am sick of the cold, too!

I love that stove on the post below.

Giddy said...

The driveway is 550 feet long and very steep in one spot. Luckily, we have four wheel drive vehicles and H keeps the road plowed and sanded so it's not been a problem. Wouldn't want to ski down it though! "-)