Sunday, February 11, 2007

Busy Beavers

This morning the temperature at 9 am was 9 degrees. However, since it was sunny and not breezy, we figured a walk was in order, so we threw some water into the back pack and headed over to Acadia National Park.

Did I mention it was 9 degrees? It was really cold at the beginning of the hike, but as the terrain took us mostly uphill, we warmed up quite rapidly. We decided to take the Witch Hole Pond carriage road loop - about 4.5 miles. The road was packed with snow and it was like trying to run in sand on the beach. The 4.5 miles felt more like 8 miles by the time we had made the loop around the pond and both of us were sweating up a storm.

It was a great hike. We spotted several beaver dens and marveled at how big a tree a beaver can bring down.
Looks like the little fella has created a canal outside his den

This was NOT a sapling! It easily measured about 8 inches in diameter

By this time (about 2 hours later), the outside temps had risen to about 18 degrees and it didn't take long to cool off so we headed into Bar Harbor to treat ourselves to lunch in our favorite spot, Geddy's.

OH, I almost forgot a great pic! A few days ago, we were walking in our favorite spot and came across this great bit of ice sculpture done by Mother Nature, herself.

Every winter, the town lets this water line spray so it doesn't freeze. This year's ice mound is spectacular. H is in the picture to show scale.


Zoey said...

Wow, Giddy, I am just amazed at the beauty of your surroundings. That ice sculpture is beautiful.

Just the other day at work , we were talking about beavers and what they do in the winter. I guess they don't hibernate if they are out munching trees around Maine????

LauraO said...

I really enjoyed this hike with you. Did I mention I LOVE beavers? They are amazing animals. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

Sandy said...

You guys are hardy souls, to hike in the cold. You got some really nice photos, though.