Monday, February 19, 2007

A Brief Respite

Yesterday brought a bit of relief from the howling winter winds and bitter cold. We took advantage of the "balmy" temperature of almost 30 degrees and headed out to the Schoodic section of Acadia National Park to get a bit of fresh air and exercise.

A slightly misty atmosphere and light snow gave an ethereal look to the landscape. Walking carefully to avoid slick spots in the road, we managed to renew our winter weary souls with the stark beauty of our rocky Maine coast - it is exhilarating and breathtaking in any season!

We were the only ones out there and felt we had the whole park to ourselves. We are so blessed to be surrounded by this bit of serenity. The howling winds return tomorrow, but today is food for the soul!


LauraO said...

Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

Beautiful...but still to cold for these southern bones!

Sandy said...

I love that part of the park. We were warm here, too yesterday, but had a little snow in the evening.

Kerri said...

You've had quite a cold spell, as we have too. Temps are going up into the 30's tomorrow. It'll seem like a heatwave! Glad you were able to get out for a walk. That's such a beautiful area. I envy you being so close to the park.
Lovely pics in your posts below too, especially the ice sculpture..amazing!
Love your Amy Amaryllis and Anna Banana too :) Isn't it wonderful to have some color in the winter? Our houseplants are all green now that the amaryllis has finished flowering. Green is better than nothing though. Stay warm!