Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

This morning dawned with the forecast of snow - lot's of snow. We're excited! Up until now, we've hardly had any significant snow and we are itching to get the old snowshoes out. Looks as though we are getting our wish as we just came in from shoveling and plowing the first 5 or so inches of what promises to be 6 - 12 inches before it's all over. However, as I look out the office windows, it seems to be changing to a wintery mix of ice pellets and snow. Rats!

On the positive side, I have a beautiful bloom on one of my Amaryllis! Several years ago, my son, who lives in Florida sent me a few bulbs. I had one bloom last year, but this year, it looks as though I'll have a dozen or more! Being a goofy gardener, I name many of my plants. Below is a picture of Anna Banana and Amy Amaryllis! It's beginning to look downright tropical in my living room!


Sandy said...

I wish I hadn't given my snowshoes to my daughter! After yesterday, the snow will be too deep in the woods to walk without them. Do you take your camera with you?

Did you get that ice yesterday?

Giddy said...

I always try to take my camera with me. You never know what may pop up around the next bend! And yes, we did get ice, but it wasn't until this morning. It's beautiful, but treacherous.