Saturday, February 03, 2007

"H" Has a Sock!

Having discovered the joy of knitting socks, I thought long and hard about what to make out of Tante Paula's inherited wool yarn. She knew H way back when we were just dating and thought the world of him. She used to tell me that H was my "einz und alles" (my one and everything), and she was right. It only seemed a fitting tribute to her to knit a pair of socks for H with her yarn. After much "tinking" (that's knitting spelled backwords, denoting how much I had to rip out), I finally finished the first sock this afternoon.

H models the first of the pair below.

Danke Schoen (Thank you), Tante Paula, you have been much in my thoughts of late!

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LauraO said...

You made that sock? That looks absolutely perfect! I'm in awe. I can only knit in straight lines, and then, barely.