Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prepping for Winter

This past weekend was busy with a capital "B"! The weather on Saturday was mild and beautiful so we spent the entire day outside cleaning up the last of the window boxes, tearing out dead Cosmos, pruning back perennials, planting daffodil and hyacinth bulbs, scattering spruce seeds in bare spots of the woods and last but not least - H and I put the plow on the truck in anticipation of the coming (sooner or later) snow. H likes to think the plow is named after him!

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Kerri said...

We've had a busy time lately too, with all our visitors (more on Saturday) and trying to get everything done outside while the good weather lasts.
That plow IS named after your hubby, isn't it? They can dream, can't they? :)
I hope you do find another pet when the time is right. It's so sad to lose a long-loved pet.