Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gnome's Work is Never Done!

We finally had that first killing frost on Friday. Needless to say, the weekend work has been endless. H and I cut up the trees that had blown down over last weekend's big windstorm. Gratefully, most of them were dead spruce "snags", but one was a 40 ft live spruce. I hate it when we lose live trees!

I dug up the dahlias and placed them in paper bags and put them into the "winter garden" until February, when I'll pot them up again. Same thing with the cannas. Also brought in the pots with geraniums, calabrachoa, purple wave petunias, etc. Next year, I'll just clip bits and pieces and root them for the summer. Saves lots of money!

One of our favorite views on a 3 mile walk

H and I washed the windows and sliding doors, inside and out (what a chore!) and we did manage to get in our 3 mile walk. I think I've had enough for one weekend. Whew. I get to go to work tomorrow and rest up! YAY!!!

I also cleaned up the space which held my old "office area". It's now a sort of reading room/library - just looks nice, but I doubt it will be used much.


Zoey said...

Is that a heated room/porch where you are putting those plants for the winter?

I had to call my DH in to see H washing the windows. He just finished washing ours 30 min. ago. He thinks he is the only man who does that. I had to show him he is not. :)

I know what you mean about going to work to rest up. I feel that way quite often on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

O o o o those windows look so sparkling clean.
Please come over and help me do mine.

Giddy said...

Zoey, the "winter garden" is downstairs in the mechanical room (furnace, water heater). It stays around 45 - 50 degrees in the coldest part of the winter.

Becky, it rained on my nice, shiny windows last night - bummer!

Kerri said...

I want to get out and do all that if it ever stops raining here! I'd love to do the same with my geraniums, etc. but I don't have a good place to put them.
Wow, hubby washing the windows! I don't know if I could get mine to do that :)
What a pretty walk you have. Lovely picture.
I also love your jade's nice with the ivy. I'm glad it finally took off for you.