Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Busy Hands are Happy Hands

I have trouble just sitting and doing nothing. It's an inherited trait, I think. My mother and sons have the same problem; we simply cannot slow down.

One of my favorite winter projects is knitting - nothing fancy, just something simple to keep my fingers busy while I'm sitting down in the evening, watching tv. I usually knit scarves for all the ladies in my family, but they have quite enough now, so I've switched over to pot holders. My fingers can fly and I don't have to pay attention to what I'm doing so it's quite a nice little hobby. I've already given quite a few away, but these are a few of the ones I have left. I usually finish one in an evening so I suspect I'm going to have quite an inventory before spring rolls around and I can get back into the garden. Guess what the family is getting for Christmas this year, and next year, and the year after that????? "-)


Mary said...

We all know the "favorite" gifts are the ones custom made. We can always use more potholders, especially ones with pizzazz.

Sandy said...

Nice idea!
Just saw your comment on Zoey's page.
I thought you might have snow, as weather said upper Maine did.
Very windy here today.

Giddy said...

Since I like to cook, I go through pot holders like mad, so it's good I knit lots of them. They make nice hostess gifts when we're invited out somewhere in the winter months. Summers, they always get flowers from the garden.
Sandy, windy here too, but no snow as of yet. Our weather is a bit moderated here on the coast. It is getting to be time, though and I'm looking forward to the snow.