Saturday, November 11, 2006

Puttin' Pine in the Barrels

We had a beautiful day up here, way up north; the sun was out, it was warm and the frost had finally made toast of my whiskey barrel plantings. Soooo, time to get out the clippers and raid the neighbor's property for some pine boughs to decorate the pots for winter. Our neighbor has lots of pine trees, so a bit of pruning each year just does them good. We had the spruce blow down during the windstorm a couple of weeks ago, so I had plenty of fodder there.

This is one of the barrels at the top of the drive. I was going to put some winterberry in for color, but the Cedar Waxwings flew by and had a buffet there the other day! The bushes were absolutely stripped of any berries. I did manage to prune the red twig dogwood for a wee bit of color anyway. Once Thanksgiving is over, I'll add a few red bows.

The barrel sitting in the middle of the new daylilly bed looks a bit bland at the moment, but I'm going to put some of the Ponderosa Pine Cones in there later and red velvet bows to brighten it up for the holidays. We had some dead white birch in the woods with interesting lichen and fungi on it, so I put it in front of the barrel with some of the downed spruce boughs.

Of course, H had to get a picture of me hiding behind the barrel with my International Orange vest on. It's hunting season up heah, deah! One doesn't venture into the woods without it lest one be mistaken for a tasty target.


Zoey said...

Very nice natural decorations for the winter season. I had planned to do similar with the big containers at work, but never got around to do it.

Hunting season starts here this Wednesday. The whole town nearly shuts down for the big event.

Kerri said...

You look like a giddy little garden gnome in an orange vest hiding behind that barrel :)
That's a neat idea for winter decor. Looks great. I've done it before with window boxes. I don't have any barrels. Hmmm, where to get some? I'll have to think on it.
I wish we had some cedar wax wings in our yard. I've never seen them here. I know they're in the area because a friend has them in her yard.
We've had nothing but rain, rain, rain for days, weeks! I'm beginning to forget what sunshine looks like! But it's better than driving in snow.

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie-pie
don't be shy.