Sunday, November 26, 2006

Presents for the coworkers

Since my co workers don't read my blog, I'm safe in sharing this secret. There are 7 of us in the clinic office and every year we close early on Christmas Eve for a Clinic Party. The whole clinic swaps names for gifts, but us "girls" in the office give each other just a little something. My gift this year is a holiday bag filled with things I have made. I painted small terra cotta pots and saucers gold, tied a raffia ribbon around the pot, put in a large votive candle and hot glued reindeer moss, spruce cones, hazelnuts and artificial winterberry into the saucer. Everything came from my yard with the exception of the winterberry. Had to buy artificial ones since the Cedar Waxwings ate every last one on the property!

Here's a close up!

The holiday bag will also include a small jar of the Apple Butter I made this autumn, along with a recipe for Apple Butter Nut Bread. I think they will be surprised!

My workshop is in the new garage. It was supposed to be a potting bench, but it has turned out to be quite the "crafting bench" instead. Thank goodness for the kerosene heater to keep the work space warm! Below is Giddy's workshop. Oops! Just noticed that glass of Chardonnay on the bench!


LostRoses said...

Lucky co-workers! Very clever of you to find everything you needed on your own grounds too, except what the waxwings stole. Love your workbench too, espcially the wine and the kerosene heater!

I had to laugh at your expression "the girls". We say the same thing at our office though only a couple of the women are really girls, with most of them in their 40's and 50's and even one 75-year-old. But we're still "the girls"!

Thanks for visiting my site!

jemkagily said...

You do lovely work! And you're so NEAT! My work areas always look like a hurricane's just been through... Must remember to get some winterberry for our property if it brings waxwings, they're one of my jinx birds.
Your Thanksgiving centerpiece was gorgeous, too.

Mary said...

I enjoy your blog and I'm jealous of your crafty talents! Very nice photos, too. Gardening is fun for me but I'm not always lucky with it. Perhaps it's because of the Chardonney...

Anonymous said...

Hi Giddy~One, It's so nice to peek inside your workshop, thank you for sharing.
I love the gifts you made. Your co-workers are lucky ducks to be receiving them.

Zoey said...

I've never seen such a clean work area either.

I am sure your friends will love the candles and the apple butter.

Giddy said...

Trust me, my workbench does not always look like the picture! Thanks for all your kind comments! Am now into knitting potholders as the garage has become a bit too cold.

Kerri said...

Those are very creative and thoughtful gifts, and the apple butter sounds delicious. Homemade is always appreciated I think.
Yes, a nice neat work area indeed! I'd love to have one of those. I usually make a big mess on the dining room table.