Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The New Sconces

Blogger wouldn't let me post any more photos on the last blog, so here is a picture of the aforementioned new sconces!


Zoey said...

What a difference two months made in your snack spot!

The sconces look great. I was just telling DH that we needed those since we don't even have room for nightstands. Our King bed takes up all the space.

Do you like to read in bed?

Giddy said...

Oh, yes! We both like to wake early and read. H brings me Oh coffee and then fetches the morning paper which we like to read quickly before arising. Saturday is "Fun Paper Day" when we get to lolligag in bed and read all the weekend ads. We have very small nightstands - just enough for coffee and a clock/radio. (not that we need an alarm to get us up in the a.m. as we are generally awake around 4 a.m.!!!!