Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reggie's Way - Again!

Last year, I posted about a "safari" with our friends into the wilds of Maine on the back logging roads, whereupon we found a most unusual sign over a tub filled with sodas and being kept cool by a constantly, cold, dripping spring. Click here to see the previous post. The sign pointed the way to Reggie's Way, but it being later in the day and a wonderful meal awaiting us, we did not explore further.

This year, however, we ventured forth farther into the woods to seek out this person called Reggie. We just followed the signs...

If you look closely, you'll see that the fisherman is a skeleton!

What a delightful surprise was in store for us. Not only did we find and chat with Reggie, but we were treated to a tour of her and Chip's "camp". Now for everyone not familiar with Maine lingo, "camp" is the word they use for their getaway places on the beautiful shores of the many ponds and lakes in our State. Reggie's camp is on the shore of Getchell Pond, a favorite hangout of moose and other wildlife.

We were about two minutes too late to see the two moose munching on pond lilies, but the tour of Reggie's garden had lots of whimsical delights.

Reggie and Chip have a "take out" place, so to speak, the menu consisting of mainly red Maine hotdogs and hamburgers with chips and other sides that Reggie may have been in the mood to make on any particular day. We had a light pre-lunch of steamed red hot dogs on toasted buns and some wonderful Tomato Soup Muffins with frosting and pecans. Yum!

After a quick trip to Grand Lake Stream to catch a glimpse of tourists all tricked out in their L.L. Bean duds, we headed back to our friend's camp for a delightful luncheon of Legume Nicoise Salad with lots of cucumbers from their garden along with a nice glass of Chardonnay.

Since I seem to be on a gustatorial bent in this post, here's what H and I did today.

H said since we have lots of cukes and jalapenos in the garden, we should try making his favorite pickle - Italian Gardiniera. So, off we went to the local farmer's market to purchase carrots, cauliflower and red pepper to add to our garden's bounty.

We packed everything into sterilized jars

And ended up with a dozen pints of the Gardiniera. We'll let it sit for a few days and give it a try to see if H added too many jalapenos for my taste. (It's never hot enough for him)

After prepping the pickles, we stopped for a bite of lunch. Today's fare was Pasta Primavera with Shrimp and fresh basil, garlic and onions.

It didn't take long to prepare and was really, really good.

Life is, (burp), Good!



Kerri said...

Now you've made me hungry and it's only 10:41AM! Thank you very much!
Reggie's way sounds like a unique experience. Do you think they get many customers in that location?
Too bad you missed the moose (what's the plural for moose?).
It sounds like a wonderful day filled with great food!
Your pickles look yummy, but I'd leave the jalopenos out of mine :)
The pasta sounds wonderful! I think we'll have an early lunch :)
My containers are looking soggy too...and need trimming. Our weather sounds just like yours.
At least we have lovely sunshine today, so I'd best get outside!

glbuzz said...

Glad that you had a chance to go to Reggi's Way. Hubby and I think that it is a neat experience out in the woods. We took our granddaughter to check it out on Sunday the 10th. Reggi had two other ATV's with two people each plus a vehicle with two people and us (three of us). Quite a crowd.

Granddaughter and I had a cheesebruger and hubby had two hot dogs. We topped it off with a tiny homemade blueberry pie that Reggi's had made that morning. YUM!

Your pickle's look great but I don't like jalopeno's.

With all the rain, my gardens are looking really bad. We need to stay home more so that I take better care of them BUT camp at Nicatous Lake beckons.

Sure is nice to see some sun. We even had a nice sunny day to enjoy Acadia last week.

Anonymous said...

So how were the pickles?
Glad you got back to Reggi's. Has it been a year since that post? Doesn't time fly?

Giddy said...

Reggie gets lots of customers from the ATVers and Snowmobilers who like to stop by for a quick bite and chat. The plural of moose is moose! Seems to me it should be meese, but hey, what do I know? "-)

glbuzz, wish you had stopped by on your trip to Acadia!

Gardenpath, it always amazes me how fast time flies when you're having fun. The pickles, by the way, are a huge hit with H. I like them too, but he want's to put more jalapenos in them next time.

glbuzz said...

giddy...would have been funny if we had run into each other at Reggie's or around Acadia. I think I would recognize you from your blog photo's. Who knows...someday that may be exactly the way that we meet. Have a great rest of the summer.

Zoey said...

That Reggie's Place is the most unique eating venue I have ever seen! What fun to stumble across it.

Those pickled veggies sure look pretty. I would just have to admire them from inside the jar, because I don't like hot spiced things.

Now the pasta primavera looka simply delicious. What a perfect summer meal.

Giddy said...

glbuzz, I think it would be neat to meet on "the road", so to speak, but please, stop by any time you're in the neighborhood of acadia! We'd love to meet you.

Zoey,we pickled some beets today, they might be more your (and my liking)

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Bobbie Jo, From Bridgewater, Massachusetts. I am Reggies daughter. For the fun of it I googled "Reggies Way" and came across your blog. What fun it is to read and be able to check up on her. I enjoyed your writings. If you see her this summer send her my love!
Bobbie Jo-

Giddy said...

Hi Bobbie Jo!
Thanks for stopping by and you can rest assured we'll be checking in on Reggie and Chip again in the summer. They are delightful folks and we really enjoyed meeting them!

Valerie said...

My dad took me for a ride to Ellsmores Landing and told me about a spot that I would of never thought existed. It seems you ride for miles on dirt rodes, admiring the lakes and wildlife and all of a sudden, you come upon Reggie's Way. It was so cool. My dad knows Reggie and her partner, we ate hamburgers, saw their new kitten and admired the scenery. I would recommend anyone who is traveling the backroads through Grand Lake Stream, find Reggie's way. They are very sweet, and great hospitality


andrea said...

After many years of going to Maine , we stay at a little cabin on the first Machias lake, heard many stories of a place called Reggies way, finally this past week in june 2011 , me and my husband took a 4 wheeler out to explore more of the beauty of this place, and we came across many hand painted signs to Reggies, when we arrived we had to smile it was just a little camper with some picnick tables and beautiful flowers, the owners live right there and the property is very nice, as soon as we pulled in waggs the dog jumped right on the four wheeler with us licked us to death, and we met the nicest women ; we bought some sodas and had a very nice conversation,what a wonderful person to do something like that,we highly reccomend taking that adventure, nothing like it!!!! Cant wait to go back and vist!!!! Andrea And Kevin