Saturday, August 09, 2008

Buggy Saturday

Today, as I walked about the garden, I noticed lots of insects, so I hauled out the old Olympus and proceeded to take a few pics of the beasties and a couple of the natural predators who inhabit the yard.

This liatris hosted a very tattered looking Meadow Fritillary. Perhaps it was fortunate enough to escape an encounter with a hungry bird.

The bee on this Cosmos was small and incredibly fuzzy.

Don't know the name of this butterfly, but it sat quite still on this sunflower.

This was one teeny tiny bee on the Zagreb Coreopsis.

The Hollyhock was host to a wasp.

Something was eating away at my red cabbage until I spread slug bait and sprayed them with insecticidal soap.

Our small pond is host this year to three small, green frogs. When I took this photo, the small one was the only one sunning himself on the rocks. I guess the other two were out lunching on, hopefully, slugs.

The bat house has a resident or two this year! I wasn't sure if we had any until I put a board under their house and found droppings. I attribute the lack of mosquitoes this year to their presence. They will eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes every night, in addition to any other unfortunate insects they encounter. Ya gotta love these little guys!

I also took a few photos of the veggie garden and a few of the currently blooming flowers.

I built this bean tower out of left over wood from the garage project. It ended up looking like a drunken oil derrick, but it serves it's purpose. The beans have not yet begun to bloom, but that should happen any day now, if the sun would just come out of hiding.

These Gloriosa Daisies cropped up everywhere in the rock garden. They are so beautiful and I'm glad I didn't pull all of them out as it looks like a sea of gold and bronze.

The Goldenrod is beginning to fill the fields and the rock garden, as well. Sigh. It's a real indication that summer is slowly winding down. Don't know that I'm quite ready to admit that winter will be upon us before we know it.

This lemon yellow, unnamed daylily gives hope that summer still has a breath or two in her.

Of course, young Mr. Sluggo sleeps the sleep of the innocent, unaware that time is slipping by and soon, he'll be snuggling next to the toasty, crackling wood stove.

Life is Good!



Kerri said...

You got some great photos of the butterflies, bees and beasties. I've seen some very tattered butterflies too, and lots of varieties this summer. Also lots of different bees. Have you seen any hummingbird moths? They love the monarda (bee balm). They don't stay still long but I managed to get photos of one last week.
Those hollyhocks look like beautiful fairy hats :)
We have bats in the attic. Perhaps that's why we are rarely bothered by mosquitoes.
Lucky you to have frogs. I wish I had some to gobble up the slugs!
I had no idea gnomes were such good builders! Your bean tower is a beauty!
You get the best pictures of Sluggo. He sure knows how to sleep :) What a handsome fellow he is.

Anonymous said...

Giddy, you must be just behind us. Some of the stuff you are showing has gone by in my garden. I think that second butterfly is an american painted lady.

It is very cool here this evening. The rain hasn't started yet, but sure looks like it. Do you plant vegetables, too? I just have tomatoes and cucumbers this year, and they are in full swing.

Zoey said...

It sure is fun to spend a little time looking for insects to photograph. I have not done much of that this year.

I don't know about the bats....two people at work told me stories of bats getting in their house during the past week. I think I would rather fight the mosquitos! LOL.

The summer sure if flying by. It won't be long and you will have to get out some of your wool knitted socks.

Giddy said...

We've had lots of hummingbird moths in the garden, but as you say, Kerri, they don't hold still long enough for a good shot. And yes, our Sluggo is quite the dapper fellow and I think he knows it!

Sandy, I think we are about a week behind you folks. I have a few other veggies;swiss chard, tomatillos (I love salsa verde), cabbage, brussels sprouts, zukes and oh, how can I forget the summer squash!

Zoey, we had a bat in the house a few weeks ago, much to the cat's delight. We managed to save him and get him back outside.