Sunday, October 07, 2007

Road Trip to Grand Lake Stream

Our trip began at Pennemon Pond in Township 26 at the camp of our friends. (Mainer's call their lakeside cabins *camps*) It was a beautiful day - a bit warm for October. The foliage color was high, but not quite yet at peak.
We started out on the dirt logging roads that criss cross the entire state. Good thing we had the Maine Gazeteer with us or we would have been woefully lost! The Gazeteer is a very detailed road map showing all the major roads as well as the tiniest dirt roads all over the State. We were in some pretty remote back roads on our way up to Grand Lake Stream, a small village noted for its many Maine Guides and fly fishing.

Monday is the beginning of Moose hunting season, so we passed quite a few trucks full of hunters scouting out possible places to hunt come Monday. We had hoped to spy a few moose ourselves, but only with the intent of shooting them with a camera. Alas, we spotted nary a one, with the exception of this poor fella, who had obviously been there quite some time.

Our trip, however, was graced with such beautiful vistas and color that we really didn't miss not seeing much wildlife.

Along the way, in a really remote part of the drive, we came upon this sign. Mainers are ever enterprising and this bit of advertising caught our eye and gave us a chuckle or two.

These beverages are being kept cool by the constant drip of an ice cold spring. How clever is that?
Sodas are sold on the honor system - yep, that still works up here in the north woods.

I thought this was an ingenious way to keep the cookies out of the critters reach, however, I'm sure any really enterprising raccoon could figure out how to get them.

We came upon this huge field of asters and I couldn't stop taking pictures.

This bumblebee didn't have to travel far at all for his dinner.

Upon return to our friend's camp, we were treated to a late lunch of yummy pot roast with roasted root vegetables and salad, fresh from their garden and a lovely Chardonnay to toast the day.

And so ended a perfect day. Life is soooooo good.


Zoey said...

Boy, that looks like the road less traveled!

Beautiful area for fall color.

It's been downright hot here. Like around 80 degrees in October. Unheard of!

We took the air conditioner out of the bedroom yesterday and I think we could have used it last night. It was too warm and muggy for me!

Sandy said...

Pretty area, we haven't been over that way yet. That "camp" thing gets me, too. One of my friends calls her beautiful second home in Rangeley, her camp!
Did you purchase a soda? Oh, and did you use to call it pop, or is that an Oklahoma term?

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We can't keep squirrels out of the birdfeeder~ they would go crazy over a basket of cookies.
Wonderful pictures!

kris said...

Beautiful photos!! I love the field of asters. What a great way to spend the day.

LauraO said...

Wow, the colors there are really nice. Ours are kind of subdued this year - and late! Loved the honor system photos - we have one farm stand here in the summer that works on the honor system. A black tin box for paying, and a cigar box for making change. Best sweet corn in the state, too!

Kerri said...

That's definitely my idea of a perfect day! Reggie's Way gave me a chuckle too. I wonder how much business he does :) I can't imagine those cookies escaping the claws of the critters!
I can see why the Asters had you busy with the camera. Your photos are really beautiful Giddy. I especially love the asters with the fall colors behind them. Glorious photo!!
We haven't had a frost here yet!

Anonymous said...

I found your post on Reggi's Way when I searched to see if anyone else had written about it. I am just posting to my blog now ( and would like to link to your post on Reggi. Is that OK with you? Thanks.