Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nature Study

Yesterday, H and I headed out to our favorite walking spot. I found a wealth of photo ops in nature.

The goldenrod was everywhere. This shot of the goldenrod in the foreground and the sailboats in the background intrigued me.

The rugosa rose hips peeked shyly from behind the goldenrod.

The sun was shining on this huge mushroom.

And speaking of sunshine, look how it dances and sparkles on the water!

This little waterfall was hidden among the tree roots.

The pink granite coast of Schoodic is always beautiful.

Back home, the deck plants are really popping despite the deluge of rain in the past few weeks.

The morning glories have almost hidden the fountain in the background!

The goldenrod signals the summer coming to an end and with all the rain we've had lately, we can certainly hope for a beautiful, colorful autumn. Here's keeping our fingers crossed!

Life is Good!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy my god you live in a beautiful place .. I yearn for that being close to water again (the seas would be the best .. but I have to make do with Lake Ontario) .. moonlight is what would send me to heaven seeing that reflected on the water .. you have such a beautiful deck and the plants are so pretty with the way you have arranged things !
I too and hoping for a heck of a colour show for the Autumn .. my fingers are crossed too !!!

Zoey said...

Beautiful shots, Giddy. I thought of your area when I was on my tour of Pictured Rocks. I had remembered seeing rocky terrain where you live.

The Goldenrod does make for nice pictures. I wish I had some of those rose hips for my bouquets.

I have one of those huge mushrooms that comes back every year at the base of where a large tree used to be (until it fell over a few years ago--right on to DH's truck!). It's strange how it keeps returning even though the tree trunk has been taken out.

Off to catch up on your other posts. Have a great weekend.

Giddy said...

Joy, a few years ago, we sat on the deck in the evening watching a star reflect on the cove. It was spectacular! I never thought a star would cast enough light to reflect on water. I swear, I learn something new every day.

Zoey, how awful that DH's truck was destroyed by a falling tree! This is one of my nightmares, as we are surrounded by huge trees.

Jane Marie said...

What a lovely place. The pink granite is very different from anything around here. I have never been to Maine but it has always been a dream.