Friday, August 29, 2008

I Love Grandpa Ott!

Last year, I did not have much luck with the Mandevilla vines I planted in hopes they would cover the arbor over the deck fountain, so I decided to try my luck with morning glories again. I had saved seeds from the Grandpa Ott's I had planted the year before so I threw them into the fountain planters and hoped for the best. I also purchased a packet of mixed color morning glories for the planters on the new arbor we built in the spring.

This photo was taken about two weeks ago. The result of the Grandpa Otts is astounding! They have literally taken over the arbor and we can hardly see the fountain, although the lovely tinkling sound of the water is quite apparent.

By comparison, these vines from the purchased packet of seeds don't even compare to the heirloom Grandpa Otts.

This photo of a blob in the middle of the bed is our little helper. Every morning, as we are making the bed, Sluggo jumps in to help. It's quite a game for him as he loves to get under the covers and thinks we can't see him. He likes to play Peek a Boo with us.

Spike jumped up on the bed to see what that wiggling lump could be. What ensued had us laughing so hard we could hardly finish making the bed.

A good belly laugh is a great way to start the day.

Of course, little Sluggo keeps us entertained all day long. He's such a clown, quite unlike our majestic, dignified Spike.

Life is Good, and often, Fun.....



Diana said...

Your morning glories are stunning! Mine were puny this year, but they came back from last years seeds (!) so what should I expect, right?!!!! The kitties made me laugh -- animals bring so much joy into our lives and yours look delightful.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. you gave me such a laugh with your comments over at my place .. I said you were NOT alone in reading posts out of place .. we all do it girl !
I love seeing your cats having fun .. we have had such belly laughs with ours too ... to the point of running to the bathroom .. if you know what I mean ? LOL
Emma loves to get under the covers and Sophie loves to pounce on her when she does that .. punishment for all the times Emma bugs her : )
Love Grandpa Ott !! .. I almost got that one from a seed order .. now I know I should for next year .. my Moonflowers and Thunbergia didn't do a thing this year .. and I had such hopes .. jeez !
Great posts .. love your plantings on your deck .. and the fountain .. big sigh ! wish I would do something like that too !

Zoey said...

Isn't that amazing how the heirloom seeds did so well in comparison? Just beautiful!

Our town has a lumberjack festival in June. I never go. It's strange that I drive all over the state to attend festivals in other towns, but never go to my own! It looks like you had a good time at the fair.

Believe me after you eat all that junk doen't get on the Tilt a Whirl-- just ask my husband who has a real Tilt a Whirl upchuck story--my son and I were so embarrassed. We never ask him to ride it with us again. :)

Kerri said...

I don't think Mandevillas really like our northeastern climate :( They need more heat. They grow really well in Australia.
Those Grandpa Otts sure performed well for you. I should try some. They look great with the fountain.
Those boys are great entertainment for you, aren't they? I'm glad you always have your camera ready to catch the fun :)