Monday, August 04, 2008

Low Country Boil '08

This year, our friends put on their Fourth Annual Low Country Boil, a tradition from their days living in South Carolina. It's a veritable feast, boiling all ingredients - onions, potatoes, corn on the cob, smoked sausage and shrimp in a single pot, with a large bag of Zataran's Crab Boil for additional flavor. When finished, the entire contents of the pots are placed on a newspaper draped picnic table and the guests are then called to the table to help themselves to heaping helpings of the goodies.

There were a few unexpected guests, who wandered among the blueberry patch, helping themselves to a free meal. These ducks live in the lake and make themselves right at home.

Despite the deluge of rain we've had every day for what seems like forever, the garden is producing quite nicely. Here is one day's bounty from my very small veggie garden........

The morning glories are about to cover the fountain arbor completely!

No post to this blog is complete without mentioning the antics of Sluggo. This boy absolutely loves H and will not leave him alone while he's trying to do his daily crossword puzzle.

H gets a kiss from Sluggo. I think he likes his mustache!

Time for the belly rub!
And so ends another day up north!

Life is Good,

Hugs, Giddy


Kerri said...

That looks like fun. I've never heard of a low country boil before. Sounds delicious. Newspaper seems like a strange choice for a tablecloth though. I guess the tradition was probably formed long ago when paper or plastic tablecloths were not available.
What great photos you got of Sluggo and H. He's such a personable boy, isn't he? Looks like H doesn't mind giving him lots of love :)

Zoey said...

Just last week at work we were talking about how newspaper is used for a "true" crab boil tablecloth. I can't help but wonder if you aren't eating a lot of ink with the veggies. Sorry, that's just how my mind works! ;)

It does look like everyone was having fun.

It stopped raining here, and I wish it would start again. After just a week, things are drying out too much. Send yours my way, please.

Zoey said...

forgot to mention how gorgeous your arbor is with the MG's! What a great spot for morning coffee.

Giddy said...

Zoey, how I wish I could send you some of this rain! I feel sorry for the poor folks who planned their vacations up here this month.

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